Why you should join us

Do business together

Do you need that final push in the back becoming an entrepreneur?

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Our Expertizmians have already walked down this road and can guide you with everything that comes your way. Take advantage of each other's best practices and do business together instead of alone.

Find new opportunities

Looking for a new project or challenge?

Our Expertizmians are active at various national and international clients. Inquiries within our network lead in 9 out of 10 cases to interesting opportunities where your expertise can be of use.

Meetings and events

Do you want to network but don't know how?

Personal contact is our top priority. That is why we organize several face-to-face and online meetings and events every year. These are ideal opportunities to get to know new Expertizmians and broaden your (international) network horizons.

Team up!

Ready to get out of your comfort zone?

Are you ready for more complex projects? An international adventure? Or maybe a completely new startup? Expertizm is the perfect incubator for new initiatives. So team up with your fellow Expertizmians for a new challenge!